Watershed Signs

Many of you know that Lake Charlevoix is the 3rd largest lake in Michigan, with a surface area of over 17,000 acres. While this seems large, it is not well known that the watershed of our lake cover s almost 215,000 acres!!! The Lake Charlevoix watershed includes the Jordan River, the Boyne River, as well as Stover, Horton, Deer, Loeb, Monroe and Porter creeks (and their watersheds). The Jordan River alone flows for over 20 miles and has 29 tributaries covering another 90 miles of stream. The entire Jordan River valley covers almost 18,000 acres. The Boyne River has 2 branches, covering over 20 miles of stream as well.

Whether you live near the shore, in town or in the countryside miles from the lake itself, there are actions we can take or avoid which will benefit the health of the lake. Your Lake Charlevoix Association is one of a number of organizations that are working toward preserving the health and beauty of the watershed. Of particular note are the Friends of the Jordan River Watershed and the Friends of the Boyne River. These organizations, along with LCA, need your financial and volunteer support to continue to carry out their missions. Please consider joining these organizations as well as LCA if you are receiving this and are not already a member. Remember, no matter where you live or recreate in our vast watershed, you can be a vital part of the ongoing efforts to keep Lake Charlevoix clean and healthy for future generations. Joining such groups is a great 1st step! Your LCA is starting a new project to place signs throughout the watershed to remind people how extensive it is and how we all have to help protect it.  Look for these signs in the watershed!!!

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  • Protecting the natural quality and beauty of Lake Charlevoix
  • Promoting understanding and support for safe, shared use
  • Advocating sensible & sustainable practices for lake use & development