Lake Charlevoix Association History

In the Spring of 1970, John Kiser, a longtime lake resident, single-handedly knocked on every door along the lake to wake up the people and make them aware of what a beautiful lake they had. He urged them to take loving care of it to keep it that way.

His diligence lit a flame, and a proposal to form an association was made. A meeting was called to see if there was enough interest. The response was spontaneous, and a board was elected on the spot.

Water Monitoring commenced immediately, with records kept and findings reported to association members. That monitoring was continued over the years by many volunteers of the association.

The mission of the LCA has expanded over the years to include:

  • Pollutants emptying into the lake from tributaries in the watershed
  • Updating the Charlevoix County Sanitary Code when it was adding septic mound systems that encourage building in wet areas.
  • Proposed plans for marinas and condominium associations on the lake.
  • Aiding in the identification and eradication of invasive phragmites
  • Advocating for natural shoreline development with native species
  • Signage identifying the boundaries of the Lake Charlevoix watershed.
  • Assisting property owners with assessing and improving their greenbelts
  • Reducing the amount of single-use plastics by area businesses