Donate to the Lake Charlevoix Association

Lake Charlevoix Association members are committed to protecting and preserving the water and land of the Lake Charlevoix watershed. We work with more than two thousand property owners, seven townships, and three cities to keep Lake Charlevoix beautiful and healthy. Please join our efforts to defend and protect one of America’s most beautiful lakes.

Lake Charlevoix Association Goals

  • To educate the public on existing rules, regulations and good lake practices.
  • To be the organization that Lake Charlevoix users and property owners turn to when questions come up concerning lake issues.
  • To provide a comprehensive website and informative newsletters to members.
  • To collaboratively make specific lake improvements, e.g. shoreline reconstruction, invasive species control.
  • To provide a forum to discuss and address instances where beneficial lake behaviors are not being followed.
  • To advocate sensible and sustainable positive actions on the lake.
  • To cultivate members who can identify and help correct harmful activities on the lake.

Our Mission

  •  Protect the natural quality and beauty of Lake Charlevoix

  • Promote understanding and support for safe, shared use

  • Advocate sensible and sustainable practices for lake use and development

 Join LCA or Renew Your Membership

The Board Members of the Lake Charlevoix Association have a full agenda in living up to our vision of being Lake Charlevoix’s Guardian. Our larger membership base gives us more hands and minds to help with our tasks and also a stronger voice as we tackle tough issues. We would love to have everyone as a member who shares our love for this wonderful lake and wishes to help us with its preservation.

Lake Charlevoix Association

P.O. Box 294

Charlevoix, MI 49720

  • Protecting the natural quality and beauty of Lake Charlevoix
  • Promoting understanding and support for safe, shared use
  • Advocating sensible & sustainable practices for lake use & development