Lake Charlevoix Association Board Members

Name Office
Tom Darnton President
Dan Mishler V.P.
John Hoffman Treasurer
Joel Van Roekel Secretary
Kim Baker Director
Chris Heroy Director
Joe Kimmell Director
Peggy Smith Director
Julie Stratton Office Manager


About the LCA Board Members

Tom Darnton
Tom is a practicing attorney, based in Charlevoix and focused on condominium and property law, with a particular interest in waterfront property issues. He enjoys living on Oyster Bay and monitors the west end of Lake Charlevoix for the Watershed Council’s lake monitoring program. He is a past board member of the Inland Seas Education Association, and a present board member of Lake Charlevoix Association, Charlevoix Historical Society and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. He is the chair of the Hayes Township Zoning Board of Appeals and serves as secretary of the township’s Parks and Recreation Committee. He co-chairs the LCA work team that oversees the Boyne City Demonstration Garden Project. He looks for ways to productively work towards the preservation and improvement of the conditions in our Watershed for all forms of life and has a strong belief in collaboration and thoughtful planning.

Dan Mishler
My wife Martha and I have owned waterfront property on Lake Charlevoix since 1989. We now live on the South Shore near Ye Nyne Olde Holles Golf Club. After full and rewarding careers in teaching in Hartland, Michigan, we are now full-time residents of the area. My teaching career was as a High School Chemistry Teacher, during which I used every reasonable opportunity to fit water quality studies into the curriculum. I also coached football, basketball, and baseball and was the Science Department Chairperson for the district. I am an avid fly fisherman and a member of Trout Unlimited, which had an influence on the fact that all of my graduate coursework was in Aquatic Biology and Stream Ecology. I hope to use this background and my passion for the environment to help the Lake Charlevoix Association in its mission of protecting and preserving our beautiful lake for both current and future users. It will be very satisfying if we can all work together to make sure we leave this place better than we found it.

John Hoffman
My wife Barbara and I are from Fort Wayne and after spending vacations in Northern Michigan over the years we moved permanently to our home just outside Boyne City on the south side of Lake Charlevoix. I am a retired intellectual property attorney and was in private practice in Washington, DC, and Fort Wayne for over forty years. In addition to serving on the LCA Board, I am active in the Little Traverse Conservancy and Northern Community Mediation. When we wake up each morning and see the beauty of Lake Charlevoix it reminds us of why we moved here. Maintaining the beauty and health of this wonderful natural asset is the motivation for my involvement with the LCA.

Joel Van Roekel
My wife Nancy (a Lake Charlevoix Ambassador) and I live in Holy Island Bay, on the South Arm. The property has been in Nancy’s family since 1911 and we feel it a privilege to be third-generation caretakers of this land and shoreline. We are both retired literacy specialists (Lansing area) and consider it a blessing to wake up each morning and look out at this beautiful lake. In addition to 34 years of public school teaching, I have taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses for Michigan State University, Ferris State University, and the College of Graduate Studies in Institute, West Virginia. I am an avid swimmer, paddler, rower, snorkeler, and boater. My focus over the next several years will be on providing landscaping information and increasing the availability of native plants for the lake’s greenbelt.

Kim Baker
Kim has life-longties to Northern Michigan. Like many, he vacationed here throughout the years, and moved here permanently seven years ago. His grandfather worked for Boyne City railroad in the 1920’s, and his father attended a one-room schoolhouse in Boyne. Kim spent his career with non-profit organizations and currently leads Manna Food Project as its executive director. He served on the board of directors of the Circle of Arts in Charlevoix and is a member of the Petoskey Sunrise Rotary. Kim lives in Horton Bay, has degrees in history and theology, and is an avid sailor and downhill skier.

Chris Heroy
When we were bankers in Chicago, my husband and I spent summers cruising Lake Michigan always with Charlevoix as a goal. So with a growing family, when we were able to buy a cottage at Sequanota Club we felt like we were coming home. 32 years later, it isn’t enough just to enjoy this beautiful lake, it was time to give back. I bring a background in non-profit organizations, starting a Humane Society, YMCA, and serving on our local school board in our home in Indiana. I have served as President of Sequanota Club and continue as their Marina Chairman interfacing with DEQ and USACE. Graduate of Northwestern University in City Planning and Industrial Engineering, I feel I can assist Lake Charlevoix Association in reaching out to all watershed residents encouraging stewardship for generations to come.

Joe Kimmell
Joe and Karen began vacationing in Northern Michigan in 1985 and built a home on Lake Charlevoix in 1999. Joe practiced as a business lawyer in Fort Wayne and Detroit for over 35 years, before retiring and moving to their Lake Charlevoix home full-time in 2009. Joe currently serves as chair of the boards of Little Traverse Conservancy and Crooked Tree Art Center and is a member of the environmental committee for the Charlevoix County Community Foundation.

Peggy Smith
Northern Michigan has always played a significant role in our family life. My parents, born and raised here, returned with us in tow regularly throughout our youth. My husband, Jay, and I, both CMU undergraduate and graduates, continued the tradition with our own family, with a particular interest in winter sports. It was not until 2000 that we decided to purchase our family retreat in Boyne City/Lake Charlevoix.  The lake’s pristine freshwater and surrounding watershed are both essential and treasured resources drawing so many of us to this region.  We are responsible for protecting it for ourselves and future generations.  I look forward to sharing my experience from an educational/curricular background and past board position experiences, including marketing and membership development. While transitioning our weekend/seasonal time into fulltime residence, I anticipate supporting this organization in all its endeavors.

Lake Charlevoix Association

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