Lake Charlevoix Association 2019 Annual Meeting

Lake Charlevoix Association Annual Meeting LCA 2019 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was called to order at the Charlevoix Depot by President John Hoffman. A coffee and doughnut social time preceded the meeting with approximately 35 LCA members in attendance.

The minutes were made available on the LCA website and were approved as presented.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

John Hoffman presented the Finance Committee report for Mike Dow. The budget for 2019 shows increased grant money. Our CDs have been put into money market funds at Huntington Bank, and the Lake Charlevoix Protection Fund has been invested at the CCCF. Mike Costa did an audit of our books.

Joel Van Roekel reported for the Communications Committee. We are close to unveiling a totally revamped website. We plan to link to video cameras around the lake, and the website will be phone and tablet friendly. We currently have about 704 Facebook members. LCA articles are published the last Friday of the month in the Charlevoix Courier. The biennial boat count will be held Aug. 3. Details/recruiting by email. We send out 2500 newsletters twice a year. We have about 900 contacts on our email list.

Larry Levengood reported for Membership. As of May 2019, we have 747 members. Dave Germond reported on the Poker Run. The Run will be held Friday, August 16, and is billed as a Fun Fundraiser, a quieter boat run, and it attracts over 100 participants. Proceeds go to the Lake Charlevoix protection fund.

Tom Darnton reported on Environmental for Dan Mishler. The May SELC trip was successful, engaging 7 schools, 336 students, and 24 volunteers. The Lake Guardian Program is now connected to the Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program. We held a drawing for $200.00 Boyne or Charlevoix Bucks to be given to an LCA Guardian. Winners were Richard and Francis Corrington. PFAs are not a high concern in our lake at this time. We are winning the battle against Phragmities. Very few stands around the lake. Be on the alert for Purple Loosestrife and Eurasian water milfoil. 2018 saw Tip conduct a shoreline survey, the results of which should be released soon. The Watershed Sign project is nearly completed. The Boyne City Demonstration Garden, which showcases the importance of natural plantings, was recently dedicated. Participating Landscape designers are North by Nature, Ryan’s Landscape, Charlevoix Landscape, Vidosh North, Water Paw, and the LCA. We have started a new Plastic Reduction Initiative, and all members in attendance were given reusable grocery bags. Water levels may still come up, and we have seen all time May and June record levels. Our program will be on Swimmer’s Itch which has not yet become a huge nuisance in Lake Charlevoix. The MSU Boat Wash Station will be in Charlevoix July 20th at Aquapalooza at Ferry Beach. Aging septic systems may be a topic/concern in the future.  

There was no Old Business.

New Business was the proposed amendment of the Bylaws. A motion was made and seconded to amend Article VII, Section 1 to read as follows: “The Annual Meeting shall be held at such time and place as approved by the Board of Directors provided it is held between June 1 and September 1. A fifteen- day advance notice shall be sent to all members.” Approved unanimously.

Board Members Mike Dow, Dan Mishler, and Joel VanRoekel were unanimously reelected to serve as LCA Directors for another three-year term.

We hope to be involved int the 2020 statewide initiative of Clean, Drain and Dry boats.

Tom Darnton reported on the issue of the relocation of the BIBCO Ferry Dock in Charlevoix on Round Lake. City officials are investigating the relocation and has hired Edgewater Resources to investigate the relocation. (

Eveline Township’s environmental committee is dealing with short term rentals and septic systems. The LCA has considered creating a Governmental committee for township/county involvement.

The family of deceased board member Paul Witting is installing a live camera overlooking the Ironton Ferry. They are asking for monetary donations in Paul’s honor to support this endeavor. Funds may be sent to CharlevoxCam, Memo: Paul Witting Fund, 5739 M66N, Charlevoix, MI 49720. To donate online visit

Concern was voiced about Boyne Thunder: noise and shoreline erosion. Lake etiquette is the issue.

We have no position on Line 5. We concentrate on Lake Charlevoix and our watershed issues. Of course, if there were a leak, we would be impacted.

Nancy Moore reported her beach has a stray swim raft, and she’s looking for its owner/home. “nextdoor” app was suggested for advertising her find.

The meeting was adjourned for the presentation: Battling Swimmer’s Itch.

Ron Reimink, educator, and director of Freshwater Solutions gave a very interesting and educational program. His group is focusing right now on northwest Michigan lower peninsula lakes and is surveying lakes for certain parasites which lead to breakouts of swimmer’s itch. Only a few hot spots were identified in Lake Charlevoix in 2018. There have been many attempts to control the outbreaks, and their intent is to try to break the cycle of development of the parasites. They utilize a qPCR to count the “worms” in the water. More information on this project is available at and outbreaks can be reported at


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